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The Skysaver Accident preventer (SAP) is an accident prevention solution for working at heights based on the Controlled Descending Device (CDD) of Skysaver. The system is designed to be connected to an existing anchoring such as static anchor or a life line and is connected between the harness for working at heights/Fall Arrest/ Shock absorber or any Fall Arrest equipment.

When a person is working at height trips for some reason any Fall Arrest solutions becomes active and prevents the fall down from all the height and keep the person hanging in the air a few meters from the anchoring point. Life has been saved but now starts the time race to bring the person to safe haven before he gets into a shock due to blockage of his vessels.

At this point of time Skysaver Accident preventer gets into action. The SAP as above described, is connected to the anchor so that the fall arrest is anchored to it (to the SAP), and in case of a fall the force of the falling person triggers the SAP Controlled descending device and take the person safely to ground level where he might even get immediate treatment if needed. The SAP is completely independent and is self-triggered, no need to activate or any other intervention by the person that is falling or anyone else. This actually omits the need for rescue team in the future for such events.

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