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About SkySaver

SkySaver is an innovative provider of portable emergency evacuation kits. Utilizing its patented, high quality Controlled Descend Device (CDD) technology, SkySaver enables emergency evacuations in industrial and home settings.
The SkySaver CDD can be pre-installed on site to be immediately available when needed. The CDD can also be combined with any harness.
The key to the company’s success is its dedication to the research, development and manufacturing of safe and intuitive emergency self-evacuation solutions for commercial and residential use.

Risk Reduction - The easy-to-use, hands-free design is available on site. Reduced risk of human error.

Use Anywhere - The only solution in the market that is certified to be used in any rough environment and under extreme conditions.

Cost Effective - Reduces the investments for rescue teams. No learning curve for using it

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